Recent Articles by Joel Grayson and Janet Grayson
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Top Risk Reduction Lessons of 2009
Short Sales v. Foreclosures: How the Differences May Impact Your Clients
Foreclosure and Loan Modification Scams
New Construction Warranties: Myth Becomes Reality
Avoiding Antitrust Violations
2008: Year In Review
Advertising of �Investments� by Brokers
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American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008
Inspection Contingencies and Requested Repairs
Washington Distressed Home Consulting
Listing Distressed Properties
New Law Regulates Foreclosure Consultants
Consumer Identity Theft Legislation Impacting the Real Estate Industry
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Ballot Measure 49
Change is on the Horizon
New Legislation that Impacts Licensees
Disputes and Unhappy Clients
To Trust or Not to Trust?
Legislative Update
Benefit from the Experience of Others
Short Sales Alert
The Complexities of Condo Transactions
Paying the Price for Crossing City Lines
You Ask, We Answer - Common Legal Questions
2007: New Forms for a New Year
Disclosing Prior Inspections
Have You Had Your Annual Checkup?
Advertising: Are you Violating Fair Housing Laws?
Operating Outside of Your Expertise
Rules Find a Permanent Home
Are You Committing Lender Fraud?
Selling Your Own Property
RESPA: How to Save Money and Stay Out of Jail
How to Avoid Being Caught in the Middle
Avoiding Common Licensing Violations
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